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2016 Music Reviews

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Black Eye Affair

Black Eye Affair is the music project of singer-songwriter, Jimmy Long from Lancaster CA. It is a mix of pop, folk, Americana, and alternative music; driven by acoustic guitar and lyrics. Jimmy grew up surrounded by music, church choir and singing songs with family members helped him find his voice early. When he picked up the guitar at the age of 17, it took on a new dimension. He immediately began writing songs, and has not stopped since.

We at MA hopes he continues to write and sing. Great stuff! Hear him on his website.

Bobby Joe Owens & Retro Deluxe

Bobby Joe Owens is a new age Renaissance Man. Best known as a Singer/Songwriter and Band Leader/Front Man for the band Retro Deluxe, Bobby Joe is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a father, inventor, artist, entrepreneur, restaurateur, philanthropist, producer, innovator and so much more. Bobby Joe didn't start singing until 2006 and since 2008, he has written over 70 songs under his alter ego Robert J. Thompson and has recorded five (5) albums with local, regional, national and internationally recognized musicians including Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy, Tri-State Coalition, etc.), Grammy Award Winner Billy Earheart (The Amazing Rythym Aces, Hank Williams, Jr., etc), Marty MacMillan (Blue Plate Special, Retro Deluxe, MacMillan Guitars) and Guitarist Zach Sweeney (Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Lucky Tubb, Retro Deluxe, etc.)!
Bobby Joe Owens has been called garrulous, pugnacious, legendary, boozy, seductive and whatnot. Call him what you want, but his songs are infectious, his vocal stylings are unique and his passion, energy and love for his music are ever-present.
Hippy Holiday is a fun and uplifting tune that will add some diversity to your Holiday Music Collection!

Well folks here is a great tune to kick off the holidays! Listen to "Happy Holiday" on Bobby Joe's website.

Ulysses Salett

Ulysses Salett AKA UL has been a lover of music for over twenty five years. His style of music is many. born and raised in Cleveland Ohio Ulysses got his talents from his mother Geraldine Salett who studied at Universities and played in churches.
Number 2 on the Reverbnation Charts and on the top 10 charts on Number One Music for 24 weeks. Ulysses was Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio by two parents fully active in the church and community, he learned to play paino from watching his mother play hylms for the local congragation. Later Ulysses was put in school for classical theory at the age of eleven years of age but immediately kicked out for showing more interest in eating the instructors lunch.
Ulysses writes music such as Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Pop, Soul, Jazz, and folk. Producing and engineering for the past twenty years he sings,writes, play the keys, and guitar. His stlye of music is remarkable, soulful, riveting and he loves what he does if i can encourage one person with the music created it would mean a great deal to him.

More then Gospel or Soul Ulysses' music reaches new depths and demensions of creativity. Hear him on "The Artist's Show".

Royal Kona Coffee

Wally Maggs

Meet Wally Maggs, an accomplished country singer / entertainer living in Elora and performing mainly in his home province of Ontario. With over 40 years of experience Wally has a down home country style all his own. Wally started his musical career as the lead singer with The Ramblin' Boys and later sang with Lovin' Country. His longest stint as a singer was with The Ozarks for 20 years. Later he decided to form his own band, Delhousie Junction.
Presently Wally works as a one-man act spreading his brand of good old country music playing at Legions, public concerts, fairs, private functions, festivals, fund-raising events as well as senior and retirement residences.
These days Wally is working on putting together a new EP of original songs. Three-time Juno Award winning audio engineer, Darren Magierowsky, is working with Wally on this 5 song project. The first song is an up-tempo country tune called "That Ramblin' Man". In some ways the song is a reflection of Wally's willingness to travel wherever a crowd gathers and sing his heart out. As the song lyrics say - "he's here; he's there; he's everywhere" and the people are so glad that he is!

This good ol' boy is gettin around but you can catch him on his very own website.

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Galissa Liebeskind 4tet

Marc Liebeskind's early training in music was at the Music Conservatory of Geneva, followed later by more advanced lessons at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern and finally more intense 'one-on-ones' in New York with such masters of contemporary guitar as John Scofield, John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell.
On returning to Switzerland in 1985, he put together the 'Marc Liebeskind Quartet'. With this musical constellation, which was his namesake, Marc explored contrasts within less conventional musical forms whether they had a certain Brazilian character for instance or a ├╝ber urban vibe. He was playing with topical themes and iconic idioms to produce a solid 'Jazz' sound that the quartet presented at scores of festivals in countries across Europe, Africa and Brazil. During these years he also collaborated via several projects in duos as well as with big bands to further his interest in teaching and workshopping music, notably with AMR. He sought also to teach himself, in doing so - the art of absorbing and assimilating sound.
Around 1997 his musical walkabouts took him to Africa, the extraordinary rhythms of Mandingo and Wassoulou and some of the foremost maestros of these traditions Toumani Diabaté, Bassekou Kouaiyté and Kélétigui Diabaté. These encounters resulted in the formation of the group 'Taffetas' which quickly went international with performances in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, North Korea, Zanzibar and Tanzania.
Roughly around the time since the turn of the century Marc embarked on a journey of musical discovery of the classical tradition of the Northern India. In India too, as he had in his previous journeys, Marc sought out and studied under some of grand masters of the tradition. This time however he did something he had not done before. To adequately assimilate and express the intricacies of this genre Marc modified and enhanced his guitar to create a unique instrument and sound. He named this creation the 'Sit Guitar' - an amalgamation of the Guitar and Sitar. With his beloved 'Sit Guitar' Marc has since played not just traditional Hindustani compositions but also a repertoire that he has created. He has in the process collaborated with such greats as Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Rakesh Chaurasia, Rupak Kulkarni, to name a few. In the year 2006, he created the group 'GendeRevolution' with the Kolkata table virtuoso Nabankur Bhattacharia and the very talented Banarasi Violinist Sukhhdev Mishra. More recently in 2009 Marc conceptualised the 'Atman Project', in part to relive his jazz roots within the Hindustani canvas, with the jazz Flautist Guillaume Barraud and the tablist Prabhu Edouard.

This is jazz that you can listen to all day long. A wonder to behold. Come get your fix on Marc's YouTube channel.

Dan Knight

Dan Knight is a musician and also a writer; he plays 80, 70 rock and new country music. Dan has performed all over North America due to his talented voice; he is well loved by people. He mostly does casino from Vegas to Ontario Canada.
Dan has been playing for over 35 years, people all over North America and suburb loves his style of play. He does singles, singing with his custom backing tracks. As a professional and well-experienced writer, he wrote all of his songs himself and signed with Steam Whistle Records, Canada. He has produced many notable albums.
He is currently a demo singer in Nashville and also plays in many big Country bands. Dan is blessed with lovely kids, he loves singing and writing.

And we are blessed to hear some good ol' country music. Hear Dan's latest works on his https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGFKrhrpwJX8C9vaBKfAGQ?view_as=subscriber.

Candy Rose

The dubbed 'Queen of Hooks' RnB & pop artist Candy Rose has just released her new single, 'The Best' on 28 August. Candy's music has been featured in games, BBC Click, movies such as Magic Mike XXL, by Emmy-Awarded director Gregory Jacobs, and has visibility overseas from being featured in Voxafrica, as well as a performance at Miami Music Festival.
Candy Rose is paving her own path independently and is featured in over 40 music compilations. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli, Candy Rose also draws influences from contemporary artists such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and Pink. Candy is also an avid supporter of LGBT rights-the new single, 'The Best' features the emotive opera singer and executive producer of Pride in London, Ian Massa-Harris.
The Best EP by Candy Rose is a fusion of Popera (Pop meets Opera), RnB and EDM. It has 4 versions of the song and each will move you in its own way. The main is a ballad pop, infused with opera, then we have the RnB version and 2 Dance remixes.

Candy knows how to draw you in with a musical style all her own. Hear her on her YouTube channel.

Clark Ford

Clark Ford is a songwriter from California, living in Iowa. He has written in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, Celtic, jazz, and blues. His pop-hiphop song "Throwin' it All Away" was was awarded "runner up" in the 2016 Song of the Year songwriting contest." Many of his songs are featured in a series of full-length musicals he has written, set in each of the last 6 decades. Clark's songs have been professionally recorded at a studio in Nashville.
Press Release
"Spiderwebs in My Hair!" is a fun, upbeat, retro rock Halloween single released by Clark Ford for the Halloween Season, 2017. The song is features Halloween lyrics, sound effects, screams, and an iconic tenor sax solo, reminiscent of fun Halloween songs from the early 60s including the Monster Mash, Little Red Riding Hood, and Love Potion Number 9.

Looks like we have entered that time of year where all the seasonal songs make their way to airplay. Sounds alot like "Moster Mash" but with it's own take on spooky. Listen and be frightened on Clark's YouTube channel.

Joshua Rich

Joshua Rich was a child prodigy who, at the age of 8, began playing the piano and composing songs, having never had a lesson in his life. A completely self-taught musician, Joshua is also an arranger, producer, actor and recording artist, having released over 12 original CDs and improvisations on classical and holiday music. Joshua has toured nationally and worked with such music luminaries as Marvin Hamlisch and Randy Newman. His music and performance videos can be heard/seen at www.joshuarich.com He is currently based out of the Washington, D.C. area, building his name and sharing his love for and gift of performing and playing.

Joshua's music is very inspiring but also check out his blog on his website for some very sage advice.

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The Brothers Figaro Orchestra

The 1990s brought a renewed interest in the swing bands of the first half of the twentieth century. Somewhat in that vein, though unearthed from someplace more deeply buried, the Brothers Figaro have mined Rudy Vallee and early radio to produce a set of Christmas music that pretty nearly captures the style of that musical era. The Brothers succeed admirably at using this oddly stylized method to produce a very listenable set of Christmas songs. I am unfamiliar with these styles and with the nomenclature necessary to classify the musical genres included on the CD. However, most of it I would characterize as early jazz and pop styles prevalent in the twenties and thirties, and all of it music you just don't hear being revived in the same way as some of the other, later jazz styles.
I particularly liked the almost shocking realism of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and the plaintive pathos of O Come O Come Emanuel. Also, there's the title track, Old Time Christmas, an original composition by the Brothers Figaro about a lover lamenting another Christmas alone, elegantly performed in an early big band style.
The orchestrations captured a strong sense of the styles they sought to mimic; nevertheless, it was still possible for me to detect a little of the post-modern irony inherent in the reading. But, I didn't mind this. In fact, it was the sense that I was listening to an impression--not unlike a Nixon impression by Rich Little, or somebody--that gave the music its endearing quality.- Richard Banks
These two guys look familiar because you've seen them before. On records, on tour, and on screen, Bill Bonk and Phil Parlapiano -- aka The Brothers Figaro -- have worked with many of the foremost musical artists of our day.

A great start to this Christmas season by listening to The Brothers Figaro on their YouTube channel.

Jake McRawlings

A singer and writer of longstanding, Jake McRawlings' music comes from the heart; "Children's Christmas Wish" represents that approach, and the positive response to it is a great way to reach people this holiday season; work continues on the full album it will be a part of, and plans are for early Spring release, but Jake is pleased to be sharing Children's Christmas Wish with listeners this holiday season, hopeful programmers will share it with their listeners, and gratified so many are responding. Love and peace for Christmas and the New Year.

From Bluegrass and country to holiday songs Jake brings it all home. Listen to him on his website.

Tony Clarke

Re-mixed version of "Little old Christmas tree" this is one of my favorites from my album "Snowing in New York"

Great vocals singing some old favorite Holiday and traditional country on his website.


Check out Chrissy's latest release "You Can't Stop This Girl" And be sure to check out all of Chrissy's music: Highlights include: Chrissy's song Gonna Be is the theme song for the pilot tv show Pop School (Authentic Entertainment-Endemol). Chrissy's song Real Woman has been licensed for Melrose Place, VH1 Single Ladies, and Prison Break.
Chrissy's song Me Without You is licensed for the video game Music Monsters.

If it's true that "You Can't Stop This Girl" then we look forward to some more music from her!. Hear this initial offering on her ReverbNation Page.

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