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Helen Perris

Self-confessed dork with a keyboard, Helen Perris, combines the influences of her regional AM radio and musical theatre upbringing with more contemporary sounds. Imagine if Kate Bush and Sia had a musical love child via a Megan Washington surrogate, and you'd have a fairly good idea of her aesthetic.
Helen Perris is proud to forge her own path in the independent music scene in Sydney. Eschewing the major-label model, she has successfully crowd-funded her two EPs and launched her own subscription community (similar to Patreon) to work on her music directly with her fanbase. She has been shortlisted for the 2016 Australian Songwriters Association Contest in two categories, was a finalist in two categories in the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards, and was named in the National Top 20 (and Top 10 for NSW/NT/QLD/WA) Songwriters for the inaugural Listen Up Australia competition in 2016.
Since launching her solo career in 2011, Helen Perris has shared a stage with Amanda Palmer, Kate Miller-Heidke, Brendan Maclean, Kim Boekbinder and others, and her unique and honest suite of songs have been heard in iconic venues such as The Butterfly Club (Melbourne), The Newsagency (Sydney) and El Rocco's (Sydney), and performed at Peats Ridge Festival, TEDx Canberra and in the world's smallest music venue, Folk in a Box at Sydney Festival.
Perris is currently working on an album with Josh Schuberth of Endomusia Productions, and has released the first two singles, "Mirrors & Windows" and "Be There".

"Dork" or not these two songs alone are more in substance and poetry presented with a ethereal voice that is better then most musicians whole catalogue. Hear Helen on her YouTube Channel.

Cody Joe Hodges

Cody Joe Hodges started playing music at an early age, but it wasn't until his senior year in high school that he became serious about his art. Impassioned by country greats from the 70's and 80's, Cody Joe wrote his first song, "Daddy's Dream", his freshman year in the dorms at Texas A&M University.
Not long after graduating from A&M in 2006, the young talent parachuted into Nashville, where he found a place to stay with Jay Andrews, a pedal steel guitar player with a distinguished résumé (worked with Johnny Paycheck for many years). Cody Joe landed a job on Broadway (Nashville) in '06, where he worked several venues - and every once in a while, was allowed the opportunity of sitting in with one of the bands. After a short stay in Nashville, he decided to move back to Texas, take a break from music, and joined the Army.
While in the Army, he was performing original music with a homeless man on a street corner in Colorado Springs, CO and was discovered by a military affiliate. He was then asked to audition for one of the Army's music groups, "Harmony in Motion," a vocal ensemble based out of Fort Carson, Colorado. After auditioning with "The National Anthem" and an original tune, "Daddy's Dream", they extended an offer to join them, and Cody Joe began traveling across America playing for large entertainment venues and private military events.
Upon discharge, his dad (a veteran lineman) had a talk with him about a career in the power line business (as a lineman). This sounded like something exciting and also a great opportunity to draw upon for songwriting, so he returned to the energy field in 2010. At the same time, he started a band with the help of his buddy, Dan Kuciemba, and a couple of students from Texas A&M, Tyler Gregg and Matt Westwick. Calling themselves "The Linemen", they teamed up with legendary Pedal Steel Guitist - Steve Palousek and came out with their first album as a band in 2012.
In 2012, everything started to take a different turn with each member leaving the band for various reasons.
In the spring of 2013, Cody Joe decided to exit out of the power line business and focus energy on his music as a solo artist, putting faith in whatever plans God had for him. It has been a blessing thus far, with his first recording contract signed in Dec. '13 (Tate Music Group - Oklahoma).
Cody Joe Hodges released "The Good Stuff" album in November 2014, in which 6 songs he co-wrote with his wife Jamie.
Cody Joe's debut radio release "Getting Back to Country" (co-written with Jamie) from the album, "The Good Stuff", was a success on the Texas Charts. It peaked at #24 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and #26 on the Texas Music Chart. It also hit #12 on the International Country Music Chart, and #1 on the Fan-Voted Chart (the first Texas artist to reach #1 on the charts since it's inception in 1998).
In 2014, Cody Joe teamed up with Lamon Records, a Sony independent label out of Nashville,Tennessee to record a four song EP entitled "One More Drink". The EP was released May 5, 2015, along with the EP's titled single, "One More Drink" (co-written with Jamie) and a music video. "One More Drink" hit #1 on the International Country Music Chart".
Cody Joe Hodges was named the 2016 Male Rising Star of the Year by the Country Music Association of Texas.

It's great to hear your still putting out some good licks! Listen to Cody Joe on his YouTube Channel.

Leigh Harrison

Kiwi songwriter Leigh Harrison has just released her first new music in more than a decade. The arrival of the EP Happy Now? heralds a return to form for this New Zealand musician.
Leigh has always believed her primary skill is in crafting melodies and words. The five songs on this EP suggest she's right. From the querulous title track to the affirming gospel beat of Be Your Rock, this set of five new songs shows increased confidence as a writer.
As in the past, Leigh plays most of the instruments on this release, but it gains additional muscle from the inclusion of saxophonist Gdaliy Garmiza and backing vocalist Sophie Wham. The range of Leigh's singing voice has always been restricted since throat surgery in 2005 damaged her larynx, but she now uses what she's got with more confidence. As she says, "There's no point moaning about it".

"Happy Now" a collection of 5 songs is interesting in it's variety, it's flute and it's lyrics. Listen to Leigh's songs and be sure to check out all of her art on her website "ELSE".

Royal Kona Coffee

Douglas Katch Gray

Douglas Katch Gray is a Singer/Writer and all around funny man originally from the great state of Texas. Currently based out of Las Vegas, Katch has spent the past 10 years performingand traveling all over the world as well as in theaters in Las Vegas and across the States. He has a solo album on iTunes, "Katch Gray", a duo comedic revue with his beautiful ex wife Soolin, and always creating new material to share with the world. He is currently on tour with a tribute show called "Four by Four", tribute to the Beatles, Bee Gees, Beach Boys and Motown! Having grown up in a musical family, including his mother, former Miss Texas, Katch has been performing from a very young age. He continues to grow as a performer and is looking forward to promoting his music and his new duo act this coming year. It's only just the beginning for this rising Artist!

We must agree as this artist is one of the best new sounds we have heard lately. You probably won't have to wait long to dial him in on the radio but until then hear him on cdbaby.

Piet Louter

Born in 1953 I started making music (my first love) from my childhood up. When I was 15, I wrote my first songs and I went on writing better and better, resulting in recording a single in 1977 at EMI. Meanwhile I was a singer/guitar player in several cover-bands but in 1987 I was tired of making music and it was time to do my second love; working on a farm. For twenty years I spent my time with driving tractors, milking cows and all the other hard work as a hand. But blood is thicker than water and like many other musicians and that age, I got a mind to make music again. Earned enough money for living for the rest of my life, I made myself familiar with digital recording with endless possibilities, wrote new songs and in 2012 I had enough stuff to release my album "Footprints In The Sand", which I only released regional. And I went on and on, writing new songs and recording and this year I finished my new album "The Fair Story".
It's the fair story about power, religion, indoctrination, oppression, exploitation, the human race, overpopulation, people, death and believe in god. In 2016 I worked on a remix of my album "Footprints In The Sand", as I was unhappy with the sound of the 2012 version and brought it to the world in the Fall of 2016. This album is about my life, starting on how I returned to music after a twenty years intermission. Then it's about some events in my life losing some beloved friends but also about nature and how I think about life and death. Futher on, on this 16 track album, it sounds like a parting, but I hope it's not!

Piet has penned and sung some great mellow tunes and he should keep music in the forefront of his life's ambitions. Hear him on his website.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans has spent the major portion of his life "on the charts". Besides his own early hits - "7 Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat", "Midnight Special", "Happy Go Lucky Me" and "Hello, This Is Joannie", he's written chart toppers for Bobby VInton ("Roses Are Red"), the Kalin Twins ("When"), four for Elvis and lots more.
Paul's been a studio singer for many years so you've probably heard him on many commercials and movie tracks and in the background of some of your favorite recordings. He's appeared on TV in serials, soaps, on the Conan O'Brien Show, and with the jazz vocal group, "Group Five" on TV and on European tours.
LATE BREAKING: That's Paul singing his song,"Happiness Is", on the new eBay 2016 TV and Internet Christmas campaign.
Right now he's working on his video, "Santa's Stuck Up In The Chimney".

Watch Paul's video about Santa's predicament and listen to some of his other works on his YouTube Channel.

Joseph Cannavo

Joseph Cannavo is a rising independent singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. Cannavo's influences are diverse and eclectic, rooting back to pop music greats: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and the like. At twenty-two years old, Cannavo's prowess is an impressive statement in the independent music scene.
November 20th, 2016
Joseph Cannavo, an independent singer songwriter from Miami, Florida, is releasing his single 'This Love' for mass distribution online. The track, which was made available to fans on April 26, will now be on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and all other digital platforms.

Or just click here to listen to Cannavo's latest release "This Love" or some of his other works on his YouTube Channel.

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Jenifer Brening

Jenifer Brening was born on Dezember 15th 1996 in Berlin.
She started to sing at an early age - as her parnets say - before she even could speak. Her talent was recognized quickly and she was encouraged to realize her dreams.
As a "digital native" she discovered Youtube as her platform, of course, and published several cover versions of international hits. Inspired by musical role models such as Rihanna, Beyoncé oder Christina Aguilera she developed her own and unique vocal style. The fanbase and her fame grew and thousands of clicks were motivation and endorsement to go on.
Numerous invitations for national and international casting shows followed. At the show "The winner is' which was produced by legendary John de Mol for the popular German TV station Sat 1, Jenifer reached the finals.
In December 2013 she released her debut single "Not That Guy" and won the category "Best Newcomer 2014" at the EMMAwards.
2014 two more singles followed.
2015 Jenifer released her first self-written single "ASAP" and straightaway reached top placements at national and international club and sales charts (iTunes and Amazon).
With her second single which was released in January 2016, she topped this. "Miracle" got a lot of attention by several renovated radio and tv stations at home and abroad. Because of its big success the single was re-released in different remix versions, for example with an astonishing remix by Grammy-winner Philip Larsen. "Miracle" was also nominated in the category "Pop" at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Jenifer made futher "Red Carpet" experiences at the "Echo Music Awards" (biggest awards in Germany) and by winning an international music competition in Kazakhstan.
By the end of 2016 there will be great news for Jenifer's fans: KHB Music will release her third single "Remember" in October and on the 4th of November her long-awaited debut album "Recovery" will be released, containing great songs, that Jenifer composed and wrote the lyrics for.

Not that she needs us to tell her this but Jenifer has amazing talent which just shows that if you love something with all your heart it is going to show! Listen to her on her YouTube Channel.


Almond&Olive (A&O), comprised of singer-songwriters Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson, creates inspiring songs that span the folk and Americana genres, while also incorporating Alms' timeless vocals and the duo's distinct songwriting. Blended together, Alms and Davidson's voices sound made for each other, soaring and guiding the music through all the ups and downs of these finely crafted songs.
The music on their upcoming debut album, called Standing at the Precipice, features Alms mostly on banjo and Davidson mostly on acoustic guitar, while also deploying highly skilled professional musicians, stalwarts of Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music scene, who provide backing throughout the record. The album was recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago with incomparable producer John Abbey, who's also recorded the likes of Robbie Fulks and Jonas Friddle. Together A&O and Abbey are creating an impressive debut for one of Chicago's most exciting new bands. To help pay for the album, the duo successfully received funding from a Kickstarter, raising over $10,000 is 30 days from over 110 backers.
The music A&O creates comes at you in waves. Together their voices lay down a solid base and tone, funneling you into succinct chorus melodies that build into a crescendo of rich and powerful harmonies. The end result of each song is satisfying and expressive, weaving together themes of love, fear, hope and loss. Each song's purpose is to mark a moment in time, and give the listener a glimpse into the lives of these prolific songwriters. It's a vulnerable look at times, though for the most part the music resolves itself to the basic emotions of hope and love, and let's you know that no matter how low things get, there is a lift coming soon.
Alms and Davidson met while working in animal welfare. They both share a common interest in helping those less fortunate, including helping abandoned and stray animals rehabilitate and find new homes. The duo first got together to record a theme song for an animal welfare podcast, and quickly discovered after a couple practice sessions that their chemistry together was unique and fulfilling. At each subsequent practice session, Alms and Davidson brought new songs to the table and in what seemed like effortless work, churned out over a dozen songs, many of which are featured on their upcoming debut. After it became obvious that they were meant to play together, they came up with their stage name, Almond&Olive, by combining their real names Alms (Almond) and Ollie (Olive).
Alms and Davidson believe that, when possible, using their platform of musical creation and performance to give back to those in need is a natural extension of their personal goals - to make the world a better place for those who live in it. With that charge, once finished, their debut album will be also be used to help give back. Alms and Davidson have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the initial sales of the album to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation (JGF), a foundation founded by Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy. JGF will use the funds donated by A&O to help animal shelters bolster their animal adoption programs, rehab crumbling animal housing and enhance vital community animal welfare programs.

A&O have a very clean and unique sound. This folk music duo will inspire and satisfy as you enjoy their works of art. Listen to them on their YouTube Channel.

Nino Polizzi

Nino Polizzi's second full length album, "Earth After Rain", is a collection of nine songs that draw heavily from his personal experiences in young adulthood. The first song, "Fields of Illinois", is a love song written in the golden fields surrounding his wife's family farm. "Stormy Sea" was written as an inspirational "helping hand" to a friend in need. "Not For A Lack Of Love" deals with the idea that just because there is love in a relationship, it doesn't always mean that those two people won't have personal demons that get in the way of that love and tear it to pieces. "When We Are Old" is a daydream song; a person dreaming about marrying the love of his or her life and starting a family while growing old with them. Next comes a song about a person who never thought they would be the one to cause heartbreak in someone's life that they care about, "The One To Break Your Heart". "Wyoming" is a personal song written after the death of a man who had twelve children and enough sons to carry his casket. The title song "Earth After Rain" is about the renewal of the earth after cleansing rain compared to a man's own redemption. "Your Brother Was Dead" is a story about a man who leaves home to chase glory as a musician but realizes his heart is back home with the family that he left. The final song on the album, "Lullaby" is a simple song written for Nino's newborn son. "Earth After Rain" is a deeply personal slbum that was written in the hopes of connecting with listeners who have shared the same painful, wonderful, and life-changing moments that Nino writes, plays, and sings about.

Nino has returned to Music Arts since last hearing him in March of 2016 with "When The River Thaws" and again brings considerable talent with great new music. Here him on his YouTube Channel.

Brian Lee Robinson

The best songwriters tap into life's ups and downs and then deliver those powerful emotions through lyrics and melody. Perhaps no one knows this fact better than a singer/songwriter from Texas named Brian Lee Robinson. Over the years, armed with only a pen and six-string, he has turned his own demons into demos and life stories into songs.
Brian Lee was only eight years old when his dad passed away. Although they weren't close, it was an event which greatly affected his musical life. He explains, "My dad's demons took him at an early age, but not before his love of country music wore off on me." Brian was in his mid-teens, when he began to morph from a poet into a lyricist. "It was because of this ability to see the song lyrics in my head, I decided I'd better learn to play the guitar," offers Robinson. By the time he was in his late teens, he was not only playing guitar and composing songs, but performing in a Houston-based band.
At the age of twenty-two, after graduating Texas A&M, Brian packed up a trailer and headed off to Music City, U.S.A. He found himself working odd jobs on Music Row in Nashville, "I was living that starving artist life - I was crazy, constantly battling my self-destructive habits." Brian's big break came when he met guitarist and musical virtuoso Jerry Barlow - who helped him get a job as a copyboy at Merit Music in Nashville.
During the 1980s, Brian met many other songwriters including Roger Alan Wade, Keith Palmer, Mentor Williams, and Steve Cropper. He also landed many cuts from the likes of "Whispering Bill" Anderson, Roger Alan Wade, Tom Grant, Hank Thompson, and Jack Greene." However, Brian's most celebrated chart success came in 1985 when a song of his entitled "You Lifted Me High Enough" - performed by The Mercey Brothers – peaked at number ten on the Canadian Country Charts.
In 2014, he released Written With Blood, a raw and real collection of 12 all original songs, stylistically reminiscent of the Honky-Tonk songs of the 60's and 70's. Critic's remarked, that it's key track, "That Old Cat", stood out as a 'Johnny Cash meets Townes Van Zant' classic collision of classic country. Written With Blood however, stands as more a reflection and compilation of the development of Brian Lee Robinson over the last 30 years as a songwriter and showcases his ability to tap in to the extremes of human emotion.

Country music showcased with real emotion and you have to love a cat who stick with you when times are tough. Hear what we mean on Brian's YouTube Channel.

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The Puppets

The Puppets were an English pop/beat group from Preston, Lancashire, that were managed and recorded by Joe Meek. They backed artists such as Brenda Lee, The Ronettes, Dee Dee Sharp, Gene Vincent, Vince Eager, Marty Wilde, Michael Cox, Duffy Power, Jess Conrad, Crispian St. Peters, Billy Fury and Millie. Drummer O'Reilly had been in The Rebels, who included Reg Welch on lead guitar (b. Reginald Welch, 1944, Preston, Lancashire d. March 2006) and Derek Pearson on bass. He was then in Bob Johnson and the Bobcats (1960 - 1962), who included Bob Johnson on lead vocals (b. Robert Johnson, 30 August 1940, Preston, Lancashire d. 7 May 2011), Jim Whittle on bass and Dave Millen on guitar. O'Reilly then formed The Puppets (1962 - 1967), with Millen and Whittle and later in 1965 Don Parfitt.

Ok "kiddies" and that includes you old kiddycats too! Hear is some Christmas fun for all. Listen to "The Puppets" on their YouTube Channel.

Nate Tao

His journey to stardom began in Reston, Virginia (right outside of DC) where Nate grew up with two older siblings, Beth and Alex (also codas). His parents, Anni and Mark, emigrated to the US from Taiwan in the 1980s. Anni works as a software engineer at Northrop Grumman, and Mark taught science at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, DC. Both Mark and Anni are heavily involved with the Greater Washington Asian Deaf Association, a non-profit organization that promotes connection, education, and the well-being of Deaf Asians within the Washington DC area.
Nate described his childhood with a smile on his face, "The dynamic was crazy but so much fun. I have really fond memories growing up… we used ASL with some Signed English [at home]. Only my parents know Taiwanese Sign Language. ASL and TSL are not alike at all. When my parents want to chat privately they switch to TSL. Very sneaky!"
At home, Nate recalled that his interest in music was encouraged by his parents, they enrolled each of their children in piano lessons, "My grandmother had always wanted my mom to learn to play the piano but that didn't happen. So growing up, I think my mom wanted us to learn to play. I'm thankful she did because it gave me a great ear."
After he graduated from High School, Nate followed his passion to Ithaca College where he studied music and participated in acappella groups on campus. His parents were supportive of his pursuits. They often traveled to upstate New York to watch Nate perform with Ithacappella and Hyannis Sound. However, Anni shared in a Washington post article, that being a fan was sometimes a challenge, "I must admit that we always showed up at the beginning. During the break, we met him, gave him flowers and then we sneaked out and went home. It was hard for us to sit for two hours and not understand the performance. Nate understood." Despite the difficulty of participating in Nate's musical performances, his parents frequently demonstrated their support. His father, Mark, waited with him during the first round of American Idol and their interview was featured on the broadcast.
So what can we expect next from Nate Tao? "You can expect something, maybe in the next 6 months." Whether it is songwriting for other performers or taking the stage himself, we look forward to what Nate does next!

This Christmas song is "The Art of TAO", very cute and whimsical but we are sure it is a foundation for good stuff to come. We will keep tuning in and listen to Nate grow as a "CODA" musician. He never did explain what that word meant but we think it is probably "kids of deaf adults". Listen to Nate on his YouTube Channel.

Not Long 2 Go

"Not Long 2 Go", also professionally known as Chris and Susie of "Earthbound", a pop and country singing duo, have entertained thousands upon thousands of guests and travelers at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino near Las Vegas, Nevada for over 21 years. Chris was born July, 1950 in Long Beach, California. He was a front man for rock bands most of his life and a song writer from the early 60’s on. In 1974 he released a rock album with a group called "Starfire" and helped produce and write the recorded songs. He was a frequent National Anthem singer for the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team. Chris is also an author of two books, (one a self-help book and the other a science fiction thriller), and the inventor of six U.S. Patented helpful household products that have sold Nationwide.
Susie was born February, 1958 in Hamburg, Germany and became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1974. She played violin in her high school orchestra and switched to playing the guitar when she married Chris in 1979. They soon formed a band called the "Blue Star Bandits" in California until 1995 at which time they both broke from the band to go on as a singing duo. At the time she also accompanied Chris with his books, inventions and song writing along with handling the internet and bookkeeping end of the business.
While the controversial battle over global warming still continues worldwide, Chris and Susie found that one of many ways to focus on that subject matter would be through a novelty song called "It's a Climate Change Christmas at the North Pole" in the hope of spreading a little more awareness with a little bit of humor for everyone to enjoy, young and old. At present, Chris and Susie aka "Not Long 2 Go" are working on a compilation of novelty songs to complete their album in hopes of touching people's hearts with humor regarding everyday events, life itself, things that we like to do, must do and wish we wouldn't have to!

A very humorous Christmas song about melting polar ice. We at MAM agree you must keep a light heart during hot winters and election years! Listen to this and Chris and Susie's other offerings on their YouTube Channel.

Ron Greene

Don't trade in authenticity for approval is a mantra singer-songwriter Ron Greene holds close to his heart. His journey in faith, and in music, has been about boldly following that inner compass we all have, and getting closer to the truth. His latest album, In Honor Of A Critic, is a celebration of the self-it's poignant, playful, and chock full of invigorating grooves."The title references that, in life, we sometimes try to please other people. The songs on this album are about trying to be the real me-faults and all-this album is the real Ron Greene," confides the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho -based singer-songwriter.
Greene's distinct aesthetic encompasses radio-ready pop-rock hooks, elements of warmly intimate folk, smoldering funk grooves, and emotive and soulful vocals. He's garnered favorable comparisons to Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark, Jr., Bruno Mars and John Mayer. Greene has issued two well-received studio solo albums and one fiery live album. As an engaging solo performer, and fronting his ace solo band GRE3NE, he's performed nationally, from New York to the Pacific Northwest. Live career highlights have been performing on the main stage at Choochokam Music Festival, making six consecutive appearances at Spokane Pigout In the Park, and sharing the stage with such diverse artists as Kings X, Rusted Root, PM Dawn, and Paulo Nuttini. This spring Greene will tour nationally, hitting seven cities in ten days.
Highlights on the album include the invigoratingly funky first single "Rock Your Body," the uplifting "Vultures" (written by his son), and the boldly vulnerable "Your Love Is." If the churning old school funk of "Rock Your Body" gets you off your butt and burning calories, then Greene's mission is accomplished. "That's the beat that gets you moving," Greene allows. "It's a fun song about working out. It's a nice tongue-in-cheek moment away from all the seriousness." The ethereal emotionality of "Vultures" addresses the crux of the album-embracing your individuality no matter what "the critics" say. "My son showed me that song, and I thought it was awesome. It's really the mantra of the album. Vultures are those people that try to knock you down. The message here is block the negativity and be yourself," Greene explains. The stirring pop-rock ballad "Your Love Is" sends a message of pure and poetically expressed love.

Greene's music is funky and engageing with a powerful beat. Hear him on his YouTube Channel.

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