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2015 Music Reviews

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Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio

Tony Fazio is a Berklee College of Music Graduate and professional touring and recording musician with multiple songs and albums on current blues radio.
Tony has experience playing with Memphis Gold, Bobby Parker and Charlie Sayles, 3 of the big DC blues legends. Tony has toured all over the world. He has also played american blues guitar at many of the major blues festivals from United States to Europe.
Tony is currently performing with many different bands, including Electrofied Blues Band and Charlie Sayles and the Blues Disciples. He is actively involved in the Fetal Records Subsidiarity projects. CD projects anticipated for early 2015 include the long anticipated Charlie Sayles follow-up CD and solo albums with guest musicians.

We love Tony's blues! He is a master craftsman with his axe. Get "Blueified" on Fetal Records.

Janelle Nadeau

In the summer months, 28-year-old Janelle Nadeau operates large machinery at her family's grain farm in Fannystelle, Manitoba. Working the fields in a combine or swather is an interesting juxtaposition compared to the remainder of the year. Janelle who is based in Vancouver tours around the Lower Mainland and Western Canada as a professional harpist. She is now branching out even further with the release of her debut CD. These Roads is a 12-song showcase of Janelle's passion for song-writing, harp-playing and singing. Most of the songs are Janelle's own original compositions with a few others co-written with help of other talented musicians. As well, a few traditional instrumental tunes are included.
The album has soul, contains heart-felt stories and features multiple instruments to make an album that will reshape the way you think about the classical instrument. Throughout the CD, instruments such as guitar, drums, cello and flute complement Janelle on various tracks. These different sounds really help to shape and develop the songs.

A true prarie woman Janelle captures the heart with her songs and her instruments. Listen to Janelle on her website.

Amber Norgaard

Described as "poet, peace-warrior, healer...one of Tucson's great musical trailblazers" (Tucson Lifestyle Magazine), Amber Norgaard is known for her passionate vocal/piano/guitar delivery and poignant lyrics that inspire a sense of hope.
Prior to launching her music career in 2004, Norgaard worked as a registered nurse in southwestern Alaska for six years. During this time, she lived 400 miles off the road system and was immersed within the indigenous population. It was here that she learned to use music as a source of connection to transcend language and cultural barriers. This discovery was what ultimately led her to pursue her passion—using music as healing art to foster compassion, spirituality and promote positive social change.
In 2007, Norgaard was the runner-up in the California-based Winery Music Awards. That year, she was also voted Tucson's "Up & Coming Artist of the Year." Since then, she has been recognized in several songwriting competitions, was a runner-up in the 2011 Tucson Area Music Awards Folk Performance Award category and is a finalist in the 2012 Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. She has released four full-length albums.
Amber tours nationally. She has opened for Judy Collins, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and Ellis Paul and performed at events and music festivals from California to Massachusetts and Texas to Alaska. In addition to performing, Amber writes music for film and humanitarian organizations. She speaks on the topic of "Music as a Healing Art & Instrument for Social Change" at colleges.

Amber seems to be a girl for all seasons. Her music is certainly inspirational. Listen to her on her website.

Royal Kona Coffee

Blake Gifford

Blake Gifford has been recording songs and covers of his own at home for four years, all the while collecting a range of folk and bluegrass instruments that he introduces into each new track as they get written. The Blue Giant E.P. is all his own project and is performed, written, and recorded by himself.
"Tuscan WIne", the first single from the E.P., is a very full and melodic folk pop song with layers of string instrumentation and and epic feel all around.
"Tuscan Wine is about a trip I took to Tuscany, to try to get over the end of a short relationship. It is one of the darker songs on the album and represents an emotional low point in the time I spent writing the EP’s songs." says Blake.
The second single "Ben" is a vocally catchy and mellow folk ballad complete with classic folk instrumentation like mandolin and finger picked guitar.
Blake mentions "Ben is the name chosen for the protagonist in the song, who can’t avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. The song is more about my time spent growing up in Houston".
The most unique and unbelievable aspects of the Blue Giant E.P. is that the tracks are all initially recorded in Garageband on a Macbook Pro. Using a USB microphone originally included in a Rock Band video game. The tracks were then cleaned up individually using Adobe Audition, then individually brought back into Garageband to add effects. The final tracks are exported from there.

Listen to some of Blakes songs and become a devotee. He is sure to inspire you so check out his website.


Bria and Chrissy have shown the power that musicians can have on the queer community. The couple have raised the bar where outreach is concerned using their YouTube channel and music." - Victor Lopez, Huffington Post
With over 60 million views and 350 thousand combined subscribers, the performing duo known as BriaAndChrissy has quickly become YouTube's most popular singing lesbian couple. Known for their catchy songs with inspiring lyrics, the two use music and comedy to promote equality.
The duo has two YouTube channels, BriaAndChrissy is where they sing, do comedy sketches and offer advice and OurLesbianLove is their vlog channel where they share their life and love.
2014 has been a great year for LGBT artists with hits from Mary Lambart, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, etc. Now we are ending the year with one more from YouTube's most viewed lesbian content creators.
Los Angeles, January 3rd, 2015 – After only three weeks since its release on December 14, the music video for the song "Take Me to Heaven" from BriaAndChrissy's debut album Face Your Fears has already drawn the attention of 150 thousand viewers worldwide, with its story of love between two women and its upbeat pop melody.
The song's creators, BriaAndChrissy, have been making videos since November of 2012 and in that short time, their twoYouTube channels, BriaAndChrissy and LesbianLove, have already accumulated 60 million views and 350 thousand followers. As a real-life couple working to inspire people and promote equality, Bria and Chrissy videos cover topics on sexuality, anti-bullying, and suicide prevention, and they often use comedy to spread their positive messages.

Their lifestyle aside, their music is 70's pop/disco. A good collaboration of rythum and beat. See for your self on their YouTube Channel.

Elio Galli

Elio Galli is an Australian songwriter/artist who is based in Melbourne,Australia.
Elio is a songwrite /artist without boundaries who allows himself to develop and enhance a humanist beat that will always be eternal.
He is a storyteller, whether it be through music or art, there will be a story in there somewhere. For him, each song must have there own fingerprint, identity and personality, no two songs should ever sound the same. Our task is to find that story which means something to each of us.
Elio Galli moves from one genre to another with ease, the eclectic melodies and influences that inspire him, often challenges the very core of his talent. As an artist he seems to relish in all that encompasses the realm of creativity. He takes all the aspects of life and reflects it back as music and art, to either celebrate a moment of ones life, or mourn the passinng of innocence or the split second where something is lost. The journey is to always create and inspire the listener or viewer, to also take time out of life, to stop and smell the roses, in this case to listen to a song or look at a work of art.

Elio is interesting in his lyrics; ie;"I Wanna Girlfriend" Perhaps he should check out BriaAndChrissy (see above). Anyway check him out on his website.

Stuart Ross

Although singer songwriter Stuart Ross has been playing music since he was just a kid, actual songwriting and performing started happening almost a decade ago when he brought in a percussionist, and lap steel player.
His new full length release Way Back, is an indie folk, americana record lush with natural instrumentation like piano, harmonica, and acoustic guitar.
The first single "Some Trouble" is an instant classic that hits hard with catchy progressive guitar lines and lyrics that talk of the loose trouble maker lifestyle. Running from the law in New Orleans on new years eve. Which apparently is a true story as Stuart admits openly.
Other songs like "Suprise" give off the feel of listening to a song written in the 1950's, and all the while tastes of beautiful melodic piano pieces can be heard through out the album almost like taking small intermissions between stories.

Stuart's songs are as beautiful as they are dramatic. They sound of his voice makes you want to listen forever. See what we mean at his website.

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Joey and the Waitress

Joey and the Waitress: In 2012, Joey and the Waitress Band recorded "Redemption"-a collection of original acoustic songs by singer/songwriter Joseph (Joey) Bauer. "Redemption" captures the joy and challenges in Joey’s life and has been praised as a significant creative work that connects with many generations. The bands focus has been to create timeless music. More than musicians, they are good friends. Seeing them on stage, it becomes obvious that they care deeply for one another and share respect for their combined talent.
In a natural way they carve out space in the performance to share the spotlight. It is not enough to say that they enjoy what they do. From the bands inception, they have been driven by a sense of destiny, and with that, a kind of calm, inspired by the knowledge that the music they create matters. This special group evolved from a simple prayer asking for guidance - one prayed on many occasions, now fully answered. The band calls Loudoun County, Virginia home.

They say they sing "Soft Rock" but we think they sound a whole like good country music to us at Music Arts. Take a listen to "Joey and the waitress for yourself on their their Facebook Page.

Benjamin Greer

Callous, the new release from singer songwriter Benjamin Greer, is packed with melodic indie folk and dreamy alternative songs filled with atmosphere, depth, and plenty of story telling.
The songs range from singles like "Everything, It Must Fit", a current feeling folk song reminiscent of artists like Elliot Smith and Conor Oberst, combining classic rock with an indie pop twist, to "The River", a mellow ballad filled with vocal harmonies and beautiful overlaying guitar lines.
Endearing lyrics, addicting progressions, and catchy melodies live and breath in Callous.

That about says it all, so take a listen to Benjamin for yourself on his website.


I come from a country known as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', but I grew up in Sweden. I get my inspiration from people I meet, and my own life experience.
I keep getting back to my early roots when I write my music. Bands/artists that have influenced and inspired me to create music range from the early 60s to current pop stars and bands today. I create all my music on my piano, but I sometimes work with other inspirational people who share the same interest.

Wimalie is a woman of few words except when her music is concerned then she is quite efficacious. Take a listen to this Swedish pearl on her website.

Marlon Welch

Compton musician MARLON WELCH is a musical amalgam. Defying traditional genre categories, Welch carves out his own niche in the current musical landscape by combining musical elements evocative of old school R&B legends like Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye with modern pop tastes to produce a fresh sound. His new single IN THE CROWD is the exciting first glimpse into his eclectic musical persona. The track fearlessly kicks off with Welch'’s bare vocals and quickly explodes into an up-tempo musical melting pot combining a strong modern beat with jazzy referential brass accompaniments. By harkening back to earlier eras of Blues and Soul, Welch unpretentiously elevates his R&B sound to a level of sophistication that is often lacking in the genre while simultaneously injecting levity through its pop characteristics. This unexpected merger of old and new produces a sound that is undeniably feel-good and catchy while maintaining musical integrity through its classic R&B references.

Welch's sound in unique and it "sparkles". Check him out on his website.

Patrick James Clark

Patrick James Clark is an up and coming Singer/Songwriter from Southern Ontario. In the fall of 2013 he was signed to Artist Accelerator a development company/ record label in Nashville TN. Through Artist Accelerator he put out his debut E.P "Letters to Beatrice" which is now available on iTunes. Since the release of the record in June of 2014 it has been played on various internet radio stations located in the United States and featured in a handful of online magazines. The record has also been picked up by Song Traction, a music supervision company, and is currently being pitched to major movies and television series.

One of Clark's songs is "Busy Loving You". We found ourselves busy loving his music! See for yourself on his ReverbNation page.

Taron Ackles

Taron Ackles is born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. From an early age he displayed a love for music by grabbing anything that he could build for a drum set. In elementary school he learned how to play the recorder and sung tenor in the glee club. It was through the glee club that he had his first experience reading music. In 1991 his mother moved him and his brother to the Medical Center Apartments where he attended Spain Middle School. It was here through the direction and guidance of Mrs. Victoria Miller that he learned how to play the Trombone, Baritone Horn and music theory. By being surrounded by so many instruments and hearing so much music his gifts and passion for music began to flourish and manifest. Taron was involved in the Marching band, Jazz Band and Concert Band. After graduating from Spain Taron, through the recommendation of Mrs. Victoria Miller, attended The Detroit School Of Arts. It was here through the teaching and guidance of Mr. Edward Quick that Taron begin to learn more of the gifts that God has in blessed him with. Two of the gifts that started to flourish is songwriting and perfect pitch.

Mr. Quick once give him the freedom and opportunity to write and teach the marching band songs. Due to conflict in his neighborhood Taron's mother moved him to Norwalk, Connecticut to stay with his father and step-mother at the beginning of his Junior year of high school. Here attended Norwalk High School. Through the teaching and guidance of Mr. Jefferey Smith Taron learned how to become a more disciplined and responsible musician. This is also where he learned how to play the bass guitar. Once he moved back to Detroit he started his first band and at the age of 19 he played the bass on The Clark Brothers project "We Need Your Love".
In 2001 after a powerful bible study and a life changing decision presented to him through his brother in ministry Larry Clark Taron gave his life to Jesus Christ. It is now through his music that he purposes to glorify God and edify His kingdom.

Listen to the rich clean flow of Taron's music. It's sure to capture inner jazz soul. Visit his

Authentic Heart

The music and lyrics behind Authentic Heart is songwriter, Cherri Wilson who is on her way to accomplishing success in the songwriting arena. The bands very first song, "Inspiration,"” produced and sung by Jason Wyatt, has earned them the attention of a reputable Nashville publisher whom she is currently under contract. "Inspiration" has been pitched to famous country artists such as: (input here) and hopefully soon a publishing deal will take "Inspiration" to the next level.
While Cherri and Authentic Heart have just begun her journey into the music industry, she has already gained acceptance into various website radio stations for her heart-felt song, "Inspiration," such as Indie Castle Radio (December - March 2012 & March - June 2012), UnderWorldMixradio.com (December – March 2012), FNA Radio Rotation: Urban, Country, & Rock (August – November 2011), AJ & DBS Interview (September – December 2011), and Suckfreeradio.com.
In addition to her impressive website radio accomplishments, the band has also acquired recognition as January's "Best Song of the Month" for her song "Inspiration". http://www.songwriteruniverse.com/contest-winner-102-123.htm. Inspiration was also featured as "Song of the Week" and "Song of the Day" by iTunes.com. So, please take a moment and listen to this catchy little tune athttps://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cherri-wilson-thornton/id413424421.
And while Cherri's feet are planted deeply in the ground of country music, she dabbled a bit in pop and dance in the beginning of her songwriting career as evidence by her songs "There I Go Again" and her own dance version cover of the 70's sensation, "Midnight Confessions." https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cherri-wilson-thornton/id413424421Cherri is in the process of creating her very first country CD.
Just take a walk on any of Monterey County's famous beaches and there you'll find this sought-after songwriter looking for more inspiration for songs and jingles to publish worldwide.

Very inspiring. Check them out on their ReverbNation.

Marios Papalexis

Marios Papalexis inspired by music,he started performing as soon as he could in various bands and groups, throughout his twelve yeas old and gradually developed the musical tastes that creates his signature today. Playing a mix of different styles of music Marios takes inspiration from a variety of established artists.
Naming some of his idols as Michael jackson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and many in between. Marios uses his far ranging tastes when creating his own unique music. His songs explore many messages we receive daily about the most powerful of human emotions. Love.

You can certainly hear Mario's influences in the songs he sings. See for yourself on his SoundCloud page.


"If you've never had your dad sit you down and give you 'the talk' about men and women, this is a great album for you to listen to." Normally, such a description of an artist's debut album - particularly one curiously titled Caviar and Jacuzzi Blues– would test one's ability to keep a straight face. But for newcomer KAPTN, the mystique befits the man: as described by industry stalwarts, "he's a swagged out rapper that looks like Brad Pitt;" in his own words, he's the "White Tyrese." Whatever he is, KAPTN is the guy who had Timbaland frothing to collaborate. And he sports similar co-signs from Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, and Ludacris. Simply put, he's a global sensation in the making. But just who is KAPTN?
"KAPTN is my actual nickname, I've been KAPTN for a long time," confirms the man with the maritime moniker. "I got the name from being in a Jacuzzi with a lot of girls, wearing a captain's hat. It stuck pretty quickly; my friends used to call up my parents' house and ask for KAPTN. Nobody, not even my family calls me by my real name. Well, that's not entirely true; my grandmother still calls me Zachie."
Thankfully, Grandma has been spared all the details.
Indeed, the man born Zach Ross outside of Detroit, the man behind the smash single "Ricky Ricardo," has a lot of 'splainin' to do. "I'm not an overnight success," he clarifies. "I've been making music seriously since high school. Where I grew up –smalltown New Mexico, after the move from Michigan—everybody was really into underground hip-hop. I never was. I would jump into freestyle battles and just make a joke out of it. Instead, I just had this love for pop music, and I wanted to emulate it in my own way. So when I started to record music, it was different from what people were doing. What began as lighthearted fun turned into 'Oh wow, people really like our stuff; they can vibe to this. Maybe it could be real.'"

See for yourself who "KAPTN" really is by visitiing his website.

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Scott Fab

Having started as a drummer in the early 80's Detroit Hardcore scene, Scott Fab got an early start to being involved with music. Soon after he began writing, recording, and performing as a solo artist.
After taking an extended hiatus from the music scene in the early 2000's. Scott has returned with new songs and a new album to be released in 2015.
The new single, "Waiting" is a catch indie pop rock song that displays one of Scott's powerful song writing styles. With unique guitar sounds and an atmospheric feel, the track pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.
"The name (Waiting) reflects the feeling of loss and anticipation of someone so close to you that when they are not there, you are not the same. The song comes from a four song EP comprised of a collection of tracks written and recorded like an exhalation at the end of a very long road." Scott explains.
Other songs from the EP like "Bottom Line" are more contemporary, emotional, and melodically addicting.
Scott's previous works include 1992's Better Days, 1996's Peasants Dream EP, and 1998's Lately album.
The performer has shared the stage with artists Sheryl Crow, Patty Griffin, The Guess Who, Grant Lee Philips , Jon Brion, Jonathan Richmond, The Innocence Mission, AJ Croce and others. He is currently planning a 2015 tour once the new album is complete.

Scott has played with some of the best and has talent that meets the expectations of his peers. Listen to him on his website.


With their infectious songs, unique grooves and blissful vibe, Montreal "Heavy-Folk" Rockers KeeLime will have you diving right into their refreshing sound, feeling that it truly is good to be alive. KeeLime's frontman Lu Rolli, a singer/songwriter, whose artistic journey started after discovering his grandfather's poems written on the other side of old photographs. And just like in those old poem/photographs, where one side holds the picture and the other side holds the words, KeeLime and Lu Rolli co-exist: Experience and art.
Those dualities, that balance you find in something like the sun rising is key. All of these moments are songs to Kee- Lime. To feel the balance between work and play, light and dark, rainy days and sunshine and the melody and groove of music. Between the sweet and the sour. And then to let yourself go, just dive in and explore.
Still, the Journey doesn't end there for KeeLime. To paraphrase the old optimist stand-by; "If life offers you limes, you make another record!" Their NEW EP "Tiny Scraps of Pleasure" is in the works. Their new single "Pace Yourself" has great reviews so far. So grab a slice of the KeeLime Vibe, kick back and enjoy because there's more where that came from.

We would say that "Keylime" has many of the sounds of Cajun or Acadian music. Which is to say we really enjoy their sound. Check 'em out on their website.

Adam Randy

Baltimore based, Singer-Songwriter Adam Randy blends a soft rock sound with a retro pop feel to deliver catchy and upbeat songs. He presents a familiar sound that is reminiscent of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s while still modern and up to date. With many of Adam's songs showcasing an energetic soft rock and retro feel, inspirations including Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys and The Beatles can be clearly heard in his songs. Summed up in a simple sound byte-Adam Randy Performs Retro Rhythmic Pop Rock.
Adam's music shares a feel-good, be-happy approach while trying to spread a positive message. His love for music comes through in the upbeat, cheerful and uplifting songs that he writes and performs. A self-description of "where The Brill Building meets The British Invasion and 60's bubblegum pop meets 70's introspective soft rock," Adam's humor, talent and candor are shown in how he writes his words and his music. With his own personal connection of the soft rock of the past and the retro pop of today, Adam sets the stage for the listener to feel a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, while hearing something new and fresh all at the same time.

A little folksy but a truly original and very uplifting sound. Listen to Andy on his website.


Koota Tanimura a Japanese composer who had 3 solo albums, began to act as physical band with some friends around 2009.First, it was instrumental music just like early Mothers or 80's Miles or some easy listening.
And he had thought the band needs vocalist to play more common and pleasant popsong before long (he is fan of Tatsuro Yamashita). After many member changes, early 2012, started recording the album "AHOSTRACTIONS".
This music is fashioned R&B based. Jazz flavor cool thing. And has no usual obligato, no distorted rhythm guitar, no bluffical electric SE.Yes, Good old style, but differ from past thing. it's something more or less than that you've been heared. it's current technologied new style of music.
Some people might think why were few solo programed works included. It's natural.Because music has no rules except itself. Even noone can know. Some cool people has been sick of commercial music. This actual pop music might fit their favor.
Why?: To rebuild music we had we like music. Each everybody feels something too much or not enough in it. Trying to this ego satisfy. Fixing little to it fits more. people should enjoy this each egos. we're you.

Well it's not us at Music Arts but what it is is not R&B either, it's more free-form jazz. So if that's "you" check them out at their website.

Juke Johnson

Juke Johnson, singer songwriter and producer who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the former lead singer for the rock band IDK in the 80’s. JJ has written and co-written 1000’s of songs in various genres. He formed and fronted local Christian contemporary groups Celebration Praise Band and Adonai in the 90’s .Released 4 independent Christian CD’s from 2000 to 2005, Soul Rhapsody, Reach out, Rise up and The Mission as a solo artist under his real name John Johnson on Revive Entertainment distributed by Cdbaby.
While on a 6 year hiatus as a solo artist, Juke produced and co-wrote with some well-known writers and producers like Kenny Lamb and Kevin Savigar. During those 6 years, he built a catalog of a couple hundred tracks that included pop, dance country and rock.
March 2013, Juke Johnson released his first country pop CD, Simple Things, “a country flavored gumbo of feel good music for the soul! " Say's Juke. I am writing the soundtrack of my life one track at a time. So Buckle up! He's back!

Checkout Juke's style of country on his ReverbNation Page.

Jake Sherman

In October 2010, Jake Sherman was a jazz organist. While taking a walk one day, the perfect hook for a pop song popped into his head. After spending months in his room learning the art of production and overdubbing every instrument he could find, Jake released his debut album in July 2012. A combination of 70's pop sensibilities, intricate harmony, and direct but poignant lyrics, the album created significant buzz in the Boston area, Jake’s home at the time. Jake initially had no plans to play the material live, but, encouraged by his musician friends and the music's critical acclaim, he is now touring in support of the album. When not playing his own music, Jake plays gospel and jazz organ in New York (where he moved this year) and produces for other like-minded artists.
"Power Them Off", the first single from the record is a fun, poppy, folk song with a strong message that s remeniscent of bands like The Dave MAtthews Band.
Other songs on the album like "When It Was Summer" bend the rules of indie pop, and although catchy and addicting, steps outside the lines of what to expect.

Jake has a very smooth, rich style of music that is very pleasing to the ear. Hear Jake or buy some of his music at his website.

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