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T. J. Doyle

My debut album, "One True Thing", was a labor of love that took several years to complete. It started with pre-production on the songs in 2005 with drummer Rock Deadrick and bassist David Sutton. Deadrick was a favorite from Tracy Chapman’s band when she recorded and won the Grammy award for "New Beginning" and Sutton and Deadrick performed together with Chapman that year.
The pre-production took quite a bit of time because it was important to put together the best songs and make them have the organic feel that would convey their meaning.
Currently he is in the studio with multi-platinum producers working on his sophmore album. This album incorporates similar themes of love and green activism, but this time T.J. has a team producing the project and allowing him to step into the recording booth and do what he does best. A second song and video,"Favorite Places," will be released in April 2012 in time for Earth Day.

Maxim Senin

Laid-back rocking in style of JJ Cale and Mark Knopfler with emotional, thought-provoking lyrics.
The themes for my songs that I was interested in the most were break-up, separation, "love triangles" and unanswered love. I like songs that tell a story told in first person. Singing only about these subjects would be too depressing though, and for that reason I like humorous songs, "joke-songs" as I call them, too. I can't wait to explore other subjects too. I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to music, and since I probably won't impress listeners with my instrument playing skills, I like to keep the melody simple but catchy, and focusing on the quality of lyrics instead.

Street Corner Renaissance

Los Angeles-based Street Corner Renaissance offers a unique sound that has delighted audiences at venues throughout the country, including theaters, performing arts centers, elegant cruise lines, colleges and clubs. "We were honored to have been invited to participate in UCLA’s week-long Festival of African-American Music Symposium, right out of the gate," said Kitchen, referring to a gig in the group’s early days. The festival was a comprehensive event hosted and produced by world-renowned guitarist Kenny Burrell. Street Corner Renaissance shared the stage with accomplished performers such as Nancy Wilson, George Duke, Patty Austin, Freda Payne, Linda Hopkins, Lalah Hathaway, Dianne Reeves, Gerald Wilson and Patrice Rushen, just to name a few. Following that debut they opened for the well-known a cappella group Take Six at Debbie Allen’s "Smile Festival” and performed on-air with the legendary Stevie Wonder and renowned poet Nikki Giovanni. "To start out performing with such a stellar lineup was all the encouragement we needed. We took it as a resounding endorsement that the music we’re committed to had a valid place in the broader cultural and musical landscape," remarked group historian, Torre Brannon Reese.

Hiram Kirkendall

Hiram Kirkendall is a multi instrumentalist and composer releasing his first instrumental commercial album the Journey
Hiram Kirkendall, born June 14 1979 is a composer of over 1000 tracks, he has provided stock and background music for a number of projects and owns the licensing company urban audio tracks who’s parent company is the digital music label Buster Digital LLC. Hiram Kirkendall Composing for many genres from Jazz, to R&B, soul, rock, orchestral ,pop, dubstep, techno, house and others. His first commercial instrumental Album is a smooth Jazz Album entitled the Journey.

Giordano Di Fiore

Italian songwriter, born in Milan, April 1974. In 2007, published his first LP - "Artigianato" - with indipendent label "Universo", now distributed by Sounday music. In 2008, published the experimental EP "L'Attesa", self-produced in cooperation with Davide Rindone, great arranger and friend. Last published work,"Tracce Sparse", 2009, is a minimal and intimist EP, with acoustic atmospheres. MARCH 2012: AMERICAN DISASTER FINALLY CAME OUT!! My brand new pop-rock album, available in every digital store..CHECK THIS OUT!!

Victor McClain

Victor McClain a California native is a multi-talented musician, singer, song writer, and producer but his main instruments are the wood winds (Saxes, clarinets and flutes).
Victor has jammed with many well known musicians including Larry Dunn keyboardist from the original Earth, Wind & Fire, drummer Daryl Clifton of Blood Stone and Latin Jazz artist The Garcia Brothers. Over the years he has shared the stage and show venues with some well known names such as Tito Puente, Tierra, Malo, War, Carlos Santana and Sheryl Lynn. Victor also had the chance to play at many Southern California venues like The Hop, The Paladium, The Lighthouse, The Strand, Mavericks Flats, Concerts By The Sea and The Glen Helen Pavilion.
Victor, The U.nited R.hythm & G.roove E.xchange offers a variety of music from classical to gospel and even a little rock and many times his music reflects a mixture of the different musical styles , all performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by Victor. His latest project "Let Your Mind Fly"/"Haz Volar A Tu Imaginación" is a smooth mix of Latin Jazz, Jazz and Smooth Jazz with vocal flavors similar to that of Earth, Wind and Fire, Sergio Mendez and the Latin style of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Let your mind fly to the sounds of Victor McClain and The United Rhythm & Groove Exchange.

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"After almost 10 years playing in a rock band I had a mountain of untouched songs, ideas and lyrics that I really wanted to work on" enthuses Pete Thompson who writes, records and performs under the name play_rewind_eject. "I didn’t want to make music that just sounded the same as the band I was in so I took an adventure into the world of samples, midi and synths to create something a little bit different" he continued.
play_rewind_eject is certainly different to your average solo singer/songwriter and the free 'Never Before but Maybe Again' album and 'Chelsea Bikes' EP are fine examples of that. Released as free downloads by Oh Mercy! Records and available from http://www.playrewindeject.com, they give a great introduction to his music and styles.
Influenced by a range of acts, from 60’s mods The Small Faces through to Leonard Cohen, play_rewind_eject has ventured back into the studio in 2012 to record demos for his next album, Back to Forward and preparing for more live shows. "I’ll be hitting the live circuit in March and I can’t wait to get up on the stage and deliver these songs".
All play_rewind_ejects music has been mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Scissor Sisters, Charlie Simpson, Jack White and Depeche Mode) of Topfloor Music who was more than happy to apply his magic to the finished mixes "Anyone with good taste will appreciate this. I honestly don’t think songwriting and production gets better". With accolades like this from industry professionals it could be an interesting journey for play_rewind_eject over the coming months.
JD Carroll

JD Carroll has been writing music since before paper was invented. Originally, he carved his lyrics into wood tree limbs and etched them onto slabs of soft stone. This was a durable but extremely time consuming way to record his music. Unfortunately, most of his early writings were destroyed in the second apocalypse. Luckily, his music had become very popular within the Neanderthal community and was held in great esteem by that promising species. It was passed along though word of mouth for centuries; it evolved as it was passed down from generation to generation. Somewhere in the past his music crossed over to the homo-sapiens and moved on into the more modern world.
As the 1960's and 70's came around JD moved to outside Philadelphia, PA and worked on refining his sound and learning to record his music on analog tape. He produced the vinyl 45 "I Can Make You Smile" b/w "Brand New Lover." Both received lots of play on juke boxes all over the city.

Koreen Perry

Koreen Perry's heartfelt vocals are the star here. "Face to Face" is a perfect track for her to shine, with this ballad of depth and hope. The follow up, "Turning Point", another tender ballad, meshes notes of adult contemporary, easy listening, and for good measure, a bit of country. The Ep is balanced nicely with the jazzy, pop-emo "Playing My Emotions" and the edgier, rocky "Law of Attraction". Overall, a nicely crafted group of electric calling card singles. Member Services Dept. A&R Select.
After getting the encouragement of a grant from RAWLCO Radio of Up 99.3 in Edmonton, Alberta, Koreen Perry produced her first CD, "Turning Point." Her CD includes retro cover songs of the 70s and 80s (including Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Olivia Newton-John), as well as her own originals written and cowritten by herself that lend to that retro style. Koreen's style is easy rock/pop style, as well as country/pop and jazz/pop.

Robert Scott Stanton
Robert Scott Stanton music is a sensation! Instrumental pieces such as "By the Wing of An Angel" and "Hour of the Pearl" gives audiences a taste of this incredible composer FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RobertScottStanton PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 27, 2012 - Robert Scott Stanton’s musical education began at the early age of 5. He studied in his early years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and later privately for several years with composer and pianist Julian Maurice White. He later enrolled in Piano Performance and Composition at San Francisco State University with William Corbet Jones and Richard Festinger PhD. In addition he attended Master Classes with Karl Ulrich Schnabel. Stanton’s performing experience spans 30 years in both Contemporary and Classic music in venues and studios throughout the western United States and Europe. He has been influenced by such greats as Chopin, Debussy, The Beatles, Jean Luc Ponti and a host of others. As a composer, Robert brings many styles of music to the forefront of entertainment industry. While he is clearly successful in venturing outside the box, his particular style of music is new wave/contemporary which includes smooth jazz, romantic music and easy listening. Robert Scott Stanton released CD "By the Wing of an Angel" in February 2010 with instrumental pieces such as "By the Wing of An Angel" and "Hour of the Pearl". "By the Wing of an Angel" is very melodic with a calming flow throughout. While listening to this piece don’t be surprised if you begin to feel your mind venturing out and you find yourself floating above a mountain stream. After all, it feels like it IS by the wing of an angel. You experience it as an angel might. It’s an extraordinary sensation is very therapeutic in nature. "Hour of the Pearl" has more of an orchestral base to it perfectly suited for TV sitcom score. I can see it now. Listening to this piece reminds me of an old time sitcom with Tony Danza. It is a playful piece with a lifting spirit that is a joy to listen to. As are all of Robert Scott Stanton’s compositions, one of many common threads is the melodic structures and the commercial friendly style that he writes in.

Edmund Simental

EDMUND SIMENTAL International Recording Artist: SAXOPHONES/KEYS/FLUTE Edmund Simental is a highly-skilled accomplished tenor/soprano saxophonist as well as a flutist and a keyboard player. The music of Edumund’s Midnight Rendezvous CD ranges from the erotic Mugen {Tokyo} nights to funkin’ the vibe of his hit single, Saxofunk. Saxofunk is sure to get the party started. Edmund blends smooth jazz, r & b with funk overtones and an exotic getaway to a tropical island of latin/jazz bliss. This is what music should sound like. Edmund and his band are sure to please any jazz lover’s taste!

Melanie Rose Dyer

Melanie Rose's youthful musical intake was diverse: classical, gospel, R&B, folk,country and rock 'n' roll. Acts who caught her ear included Mahalia Jackson; Aretha Franklin; the Beatles, James Taylor and the music coming out of Memphis and Motown. Out of her Dad's radio the family absorbed a constant deluge of country and ole' timey music. She was drawn to performance and discovered a gift for it. After college, she moved to Colorado, entertaining on the ski resort circuit and finding an early fan in a young Gretchen Peters, who grew up in Boulder.
She came to Nashville in 1981 with hardly a penny to her name,to write songs. She delivered on that goal: signing a publishing deal; writing with many of the top writers including Pat Alger ("Unanswered Prayers," "Small Town Saturday Night"); hobnobbing with Music Row hit makers and power brokers.
Songwriter Hall of Fame Pat Alger says of Dyer: "Melanie has been one of my favorite collaborators for over 20 years. It is a reflection of the serendipity of the music business that this album may be the first time most people will get to hear her and her wonderful songwriting. Now you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all this time." It is an album for anyone who craves real music. It has been a long time coming, but it is well worth the wait.
Available on ITunes and CD Baby.
"There’s nothing more American than a woman with a big voice bred in the South singing songs of love, hope, sorrow and uncertainty over gospel-tinged R&B grooves, and that’s just what the listener gets from the first beat of this record".

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The Redhillbillies

The Redhillbillies are an upbeat 6 piece Alt country band. Mixing old time traditional with music though the decades creating a lively country/folk rock sound. Vocals from different members of the band introduce you to each of the quirky individuals!
Six piece Alt. Country, Folk Rock band with a passion for traditional songs and story telling.... Ern Panes on bass, Steve Downton - harmonica, Danny O - accordion, Tom Vowles on banjo, Gerald Filer the drums and Jo Lee on guitar, (All sing). Most of The Band all take lead vocals throughout their performance and have strong harmonies on some of their tracks. They have a joy and a big sense of fun that carries across in their performances and a genuine love for each other that most bands would be envious of. They create a warm, nostalgic old time sound that mixes their interpretation of bluegrass and Alt. Country songs with an upbeat goodtime feel. Their sound flows like good country air and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and send your foot a tappin. The Redhillbilllies are a band for for people with the country in their hearts, they take themselves to as many places as they can in search of countryside devotees ready to embrace the love of the Redhillbillies.

Doug Martin

Doug created a web based company named "Creative Solutions USA" with a vision to turn his passion of music into an e-business serving business to business direct marketing needs. Today Creative Solutions USA provides direct marketing services using Doug’s original music to promote a product, service, or theme. Go to www.CreativeSolutions-USA.net to see examples of projects.
Doug has produced music products in a variety of music genres including smooth jazz, rock, pop, classical, high energy exercise, and ambient sounds. Doug also coordinates with clients to design CD cover graphics and packaging using online graphic design tools; Doug also manages vendor relationships for CD cover design, production turnaround, and timely delivery.
Nationwide Promotion of New Release, "Just Kickin' It" - Track #3 Download MP3 - Smooth Jazz Guitarist, Doug Martin Go to www.DougMartinMusic.net for inquiries

Deanna Brown

The Louisville, Ky native was lifted to stardom as a contestant on American Idol Season 8. Deanna made it all the way to the Hollywood round and received great reviews from all four judges. After the show’s end, Deanna signed her first record deal with Ocean Records. Her debut album, "Traveler" was released in 2009. Her album is a culmination of her musical journey, which has taken her from her Kentucky roots to Los Angeles to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has teamed up with producer Padraic Coursey, of Aqua Sounds Studio, and Grammy Award-nominated engineer Marc DeSisto (Melissa Ethridge, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch). The following year Ocean Records released "Live at Aqua Sounds." Deanna dropped her sophomore studio album (The Plunge) in early 2012 after completing a 16-state U.S. summer tour.
“I’m really proud of this album. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work,” said producer Padraic Coursey. "Deanna is a true gem amongst us and this album proves it beyond a doubt."? The Plunge has resonated with many college radio charts already, landing in top 30 charts from New York to Hawaii. Brown got her big break as a contestant on American Idol Season 8. After her departure from the show she landed a record deal with Ocean Records. Recorded at Aqua Sounds Studio on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Marc DeSisto, The 12-track album represents a newfound maturity in Brown’s voice according to Coursey. It marks the first album in nearly three years since making her debut album, Traveler, which was named "Hot 100 of 2009" by Music Connection magazine.

Kevin Johnston

Lovon brings an R&B vocal sound to rock. His soaring falsetto surprises and pleases at the same time.
Singer Lovon makes his New York debut March 5th at the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.
"This is the most unusual and listenable voice I have heard in twenty years of producing artists," says Kevin Johnston, partner and co-producer with Liz Herrera of The Plan A Project (www.theplanaproject.com).
Ms. Herrera adds, "You’ll be at once shocked and surprised. Listeners will ask themselves why no one has sung like this before." Johnston says he didn’t know what to do with Lovon at first, but a week after hearing the singer at an audition, it hit him. "I knew this voice had a place in popular music, and I began to search for songs that would let him shine."
According to Lovon Bond, who prefers to go by his first name only, every producer he had met in New York told him he was singing wrong. “When I met Johnston and Herrera at a Plan A Project audition, they began to seek ways to bring out my unusual way of singing instead of trying to change it.” The show at the Library for the Performing Arts differs from the just-released Lovon CD entitled, "Love On" in that the live presentation will feature guitar accompaniment only as Lovon sings.

Collette Savard

Collette Savard is a multi-instrumentalist whose songs effortlessly blend traditional folk-music instrumentation with a modern pop sensibility. She is a prolific and talented songwriter whose songs have been featured in animation and sketch comedy productions, and were recently featured in a documentary ("We’re Not Broke") that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this January. Her lyrics are equal parts wry observation and emotional honesty, and the intricate and interweaving musical arrangements of her partner, multi-instrumentalist/producer John Zytaruk (Buck 65, Jenn Grant…) create a musical world that draws in everyone from the discerning folk-music enthusiast to the hippest indie-pop devotee. She prepares to release her much-anticipated third independent CD on April 21 2012, which was expertly recorded in a small Toronto church (St. Matthias) and will reflect the warmth and intimacy of this setting. Her albums have featured many top Canadian players, such as Juno award winners Guido Basso and Richard Underhill, and this next release entitled Best Dress, will include accompaniment by acclaimed artist/composer/producer Bob Wiseman. The ingenuity and complexity of her songs which she creates without the confines of a classically trained ear are reason enough to see her perform but add to this her witty and captivating stage presence and the interplay of instrumentation between her and John and you will wonder where she has been all your life.

Michelle Turley

Following the critically-acclaimed hit single, My X Husband, which reached #8 on the New Music Weekly chart and #1 on the IndieWorld Country chart, Victorio Records recording artist Michelle Turley is back on the music scene with a new single.
After some most deserved time off spending it with her family, writing new material and in the studio, Michelle’s newest single, Orange Blossoms in Phoenix is currently impacting radio and is on CDX, Volume #541. As the second single off her upcoming album, Lovely In Blue.
Michelle co-wrote this song along with her brother, CF Turley, during a time in their family’s lives with the passing of their beloved mother. "She became ill and passed at a time when the Orange Blossoms in Phoenix were in bloom, during the spring," remembers Michelle. "It’s a tribute to our parents and the love that they had for one another, for their five children and all the wonderful memories of our years growing up together as a family in Phoenix.", which is scheduled to be released this April, Orange Blossoms in Phoenix is a soft tune with a lot of emotion. This song has a traditional country sound that has a soft purr of Dolly Parton, the strength of Tammy Wynette and a dash of Miranda Lambert’s Texas sound tossed in.
Turley grew up on a ranch where country music was a huge part of her life. She later became a top international fashion model for the Ford Agency in New York, which included clients like Valentino, Armani, Versace and Donna Karan. Throughout her modeling career, Turley continued to write and record music.

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